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Re: Debian install 6.05

On Ma, 17 iul 12, 16:31:05, Frank wrote:
> Sorry if this is in the wrong place! It's even hard to find the
> right place.

debian-user would be a good option, this list is for working on Debian 
documentation. Please follow-up there (Reply-To set accordingly).

> I downloaded Debian (first time, experienced Windows user,
> experienced user....).

Which iso? (exact URL please)

> Got to the 'language selection' and ... no keyboard input. Well it's
> a USB, so I'll just try a legacy (read "OLD!") keyboard.

Before doing that you might press Ctrl-Alt-F2 and see if your keyboard 
works there.

> Whoops, my spare box is so advanced, it doesn't have a PS2 anymore.
> No problem..., I'll enable legacy in my Dell GX620.
> Whoops, that won't work of course. There's no PS2 PORT dummy - only
> USB!
> So.. I'll try the 'graphical install option'. That must surely work.
> But then there's the 'language screen again'. Argghhh....
> My thought at that point (not criticism, because I'm all FOR free
> and open software) was: "is this Debian in 2012????!"
> The same Debian I tried and flagged away many years ago for many
> other reasons?
> I've now installed MINT, so I can try Kexi - my final goal.
> I Linux on....
> Maybe I'll have success at some point in this new century :-)
> Frank Fontein
> Christchurch
> New Zealand

Kind regards,
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