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Re: pulseaudio related problems....

On 02/17/2014 08:37 AM, Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> It might just be that DDs/"computer experts" just have more customized setups
> that break in interesting ways when effort isn't spent porting the configuration
> changes to a new system. What follows is "$new_thing sucks because $feature in
> $old_thing that I customized half a decade ago and forgot about doesn't work. If
> I, a DD/'computer expert' can't get it working, how could it ever be suitable
> for a layman?"

Exactly what I have been thinking all the time. And I find the argument
"all DDs are computer experts, so if they can't get it working it
must be broken" a particularly bad one.

Just because someone is a computer expert doesn't mean they
automatically understand how each peace of new software works. And
people who are advanced with computers usually tend to follow their
own old pattern when trying to fix problems instead of being open
to new methods. Thus, chances are they are trying to fix a problem
the wrong way.

As an example, most users who use systemd probably still restart
services using "/etc/init.d/<service> restart", just because it works.

It's also noteworthy that complains about PulseAudio usually come from
advanced users. I haven't heard my mom complain about sound problems
on her netbook running Ubuntu, for example.

> (Speaking from my own personal experience here, with a 6-year-old Ubuntu
> installation upgraded ~12 times with ~3 botched upgrades, and an even older
> $HOME).
>> I'm also convinced that it should be possible to have a working default
>> pulse setup. Emitting sound on all available sound output by default,
>> and making sure that the level isn't zero upon install, seems like a
>> sensible thing to do.
> Ubuntu appears to get it right. I haven't seen a fresh Ubuntu installation that
> had broken sound for a very long time now.

Exactly my second argument. If Pulse-Audio was actually broken as it is
often described, Launchpad's bugtracker would be full of complaints, is


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