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pulseaudio related problems....

Quoting Matthias Urlichs (smurf@smurf.noris.de):
> Hi,
> Salvo Tomaselli:
> > 
> > > You can restart pulse. No big problem except temporary interrupt of audio,
> > You mean a temporary presence of audio that will immediately go away as soon 
> > as pulse is running again right?
> > 
> Don't be daft. My audio works perfectly. So does lots of other people's.
> If yours doesn't, file a bug.

I happened to come on this thread and finally learned that purging
pulseaudio from one's system seems to be the way to get sound working
back again in some situations. And, guess what? This is exactly the
problem I was having for weeks now;..:-)

As sound stuff is kind of black magic for me, I had no idea where to
investigate. Random tests, and attempts to look at various log files
weren't leading anywhere and I was left with no sound...:-)

Until I came up on this thread and just "apt-get purge pulseaudio" and
then, voilà, after a reboot, sound is working again in my KDE

But, doh, I feel like a Windows user doing some voodoo black magic,
and fixing things by rebooting. Not really comfortable.

So, well, I can certaily file a bug report about pulseaudio but I'm
not really sure if I can be really helpful in investigating
it....because it will mostly be the kind of bug report I hate, as a
maintainer : no real information and just "things don't work" stuff.

So, before doing so: will that be helpful?

Indeed, I don't really see anything in pulseaudio bugs about this so I
assume it can be helpful but I prefer checking first whether I can
make a more helpful bug report...:-)

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