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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

Am Mittwoch 08 August 2007 16:39 schrieb Ben Goodger:
> On 08/08/2007, Tim Hull <thully@umich.edu> wrote:
> > * Making laptop frequency scaling/suspend/etc work "out of the box" when
> > Laptop task is installed
> We already have this on the desktop, from what I can see (there is evidence
> of a scaling-module-loading-thingummy running on boot)

In addition, there is not reliable solution for suspend/hibernate, especially 
from X. There still some way to go for X and the kernel to get to there.

> * Installing all (free) codecs that are commonly used by default in the
> > Desktop task (FAAC is one that comes to mind as one that could be added,
> > as it is in main now)
> A good idea, but this might swell the CDs beyond what is desirable.

Additionally, it should be noted that a desktop task has nothing with 
multimedia (means: surprise, you can use a desktop without music and movies).

> * De-uglifying the default fonts - currently, many applications in Debian
> > use poor-quality fonts or even *bitmap fonts*.
> Which programs are these? The default for GTK is Bitstream Vera Sans (or
> clone), which is perfectly good.

Emacs22 for sure. Even the GTK version uses the ugliest fonts available on the 
system for the tool tips. I don't know if this is normal for GTK2 
And those words from a happy emacs user that prefers "emacs -nw" (and is happy 
with that because of the inability of the emacs guys to provide a modern 

Although GTK libs are installed, it is unknown to me how to change GTK's 
fonts. Is there a manpage about that: I doubt it. A program to set all 
possible settings for GTK programs like qtconfig for QT: didn't find any.

And maybe one to rule them all so I only have to define font setting exactly 
once without caring about the toolkit?

> * Simplify installation of out-of-tree kernel modules, possibly by adapting
> > Ubuntu's Restricted Manager to work with m-a.  Non-free drivers would
> > *only* be displayed if non-free is in the sources.list.
> This is a good idea. Simplifying the installation of non-free graphics card
> drivers should also be a priority, though not to the extent Canonical are
> currently planning.

It should not be a priority.


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