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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Scripsit Martin List-Petersen

> truly, how many spams have you seen that have an valid sender
> address AND are different than the recipient, that missused innocent
> peoples email-address ?

How many thousand samples do you want?

> Truly, spam should not exist in the first place, but not doing
> anything about it won't help you either.

What you are proposing to do is to make Debian part of the problem,
not part of any solution.

> > So our spam would only hit innocent bystanders, not project
> > participants. Great.

> Define "spam". Spam is usolicied mailings.


> I wouldn't say that an email in response to a email that you send
> yourself is spam, because you initiated it.

No, but that is not what you are proposing. You are proposing to spam
people who have never heard of Debian, just because some spammer or
virus used their address as a From address of their spam.

> Which innocent bystanders (refer also to my earlier question, about "how many
> have you seen") would we hit ?

The ones whose addresses appear in forged From headers of spam and
viruses. Did you read what I wrote at all?

> What do you mean by innocent bystander ?

Someone who has not sent anything to Debian lists.

> > The problem is that the proposal would lead Debian to send out
> > spam. That is Not Acceptable.

> No .. because spam is mail that you didn't ask for.

Yes. Spam is mail that you did not ask for. Your proposal will lead to
sendin a lot of people mail that they did not ask for. That is spam/.

> A friendly formulated mail in the few, and we are talking very few,
> that gives the sender himself to action or cancel his mail send to a
> mailinlist at l.d.o.

A friendly formulated spam is still spam. Debian should not spam.

> What would your suggestion of a solution be, that can meet everybody ? 

The spam problem on Debian lists is minor. The status quo *is* an
option, especially since every proposed "solution" will do vastly more
harm than the tickle of spam the lists see today.

Henning Makholm                   "The great secret, known to internists and
                         learned early in marriage by internists' wives, but
               still hidden from the general public, is that most things get
         better by themselves. Most things, in fact, are better by morning."

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