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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Scripsit Martin List-Petersen <martin+debian-devel@list-petersen.net>

> So why not reimplement whitelist@l.d.o. in a way, that if you use an
> alias, that not is on the whitelist, your email will be hold, you'll
> get a email back to verify your identity and automatically get added
> to the whitelist.

That would amount to letting l.d.o spam every poor innocent joe-job
target in the world. (And, with contemporary spamware, everyone is a
joe-job target).

Not An Option either.

Henning Makholm          "Jeg har tydeligt gjort opmærksom på, at man ved at
                   følge den vej kun bliver gennemsnitligt ca. 48 år gammel,
               og at man sætter sin sociale situation ganske overstyr og, så
           vidt jeg kan overskue, dør i dybeste ulykkelighed og elendighed."

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