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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Am 2004-05-11 20:53:34, schrieb Henning Makholm:

>Rejecting posts with a From address that is not also a subscriber
>address is Not An Option:
> 1) It will prevent me from posting to the lists unless I change my
>    From address to the one that I use for receiving mail from that
>    list, which

	Right, I will have the same problem, but I download with 
	36 different E-Mails (one per ML) in my local courier-imap
	with shared folder and all 97 local user can read it without 
	downloading the E-Mails a second time and waste my resources.

>     a) will cause that address to be exposed in the public list
>        archives, and I get quite enough spam on my public address,
>        thank you,

	    There are mailinglist software which allow subscribe 
	    and the "set no-mail" option, maybe Debian can activate 
	    this option if smartlist support it

>     b) will therefore vastly *increase* the amount of spam that lands
>        in my debian-foo mailbox, even though the amount that reaches
>        it via lists.debian.org itself may drop to 0,
>     c) will prevent me from crossposting, even to two lists I both
>        subscribe to, even in circumstances is appropriate, and
>     d) will make it impossible to people to reply to me privately.
>        I want private replies in to go to *different* address than
>        the one I receive list mail on.

	    This can be solved with the "set no-mail" option in most 
	    ML Software

>    That would make me shut up and leave the project quickly. Well,
>    Debian as a whole will probably not even notice losing whatever
>    braincycles I could have contributed, but I assume that there are
>    many others who, like me, like to separate list mail from private
>    mail. If we're *all* forced away, the effect *will* be noticeable.

	I agree...

> 3) Many Debian lists are not only discussion fora, but *contact
>    points* for specific functions in the project. The ease with with
>    people can contact these lists will be greatly reduced if we have
>    to say


> 5) The number of morons who manage to subscribe to a list only do be
>    hit by severe amnesia and become unable to follow the clear and
>    easy unsubscription instructions at the bottom of every list mail
>    will increase dramatically, because more morons will be forced to
>    subscribe in the first place. The number of "plaese unsucbirbe me"
>    emails may become comparable with the number of spams a
>    subscribers-only policy will keep at bay.

	Let the mailinglist pase the body for unsubscribe :-)

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