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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Citat Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net>:

> Scripsit Martin List-Petersen <martin+debian-devel@list-petersen.net>
> > On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 20:36, Henning Makholm wrote:
> > > Scripsit Martin List-Petersen <martin+debian-devel@list-petersen.net>
> > > > So why not reimplement whitelist@l.d.o. in a way, that if you use an
> > > > alias, that not is on the whitelist, your email will be hold, you'll
> > > > get a email back to verify your identity and automatically get added
> > > > to the whitelist.
> > > That would amount to letting l.d.o spam every poor innocent joe-job
> > > target in the world.
> > It would happen once, the first time you post to any l.d.o
> > mailinglist with a unknown email-address, never again.
> No. It will happen the first time someone tries to spam a l.d.o
> mailinglist and fakes my address in the From: line.
> Debian should exhibit better behavior than "it's OK to set up our
> machines to spam everybody as long as we spam them only once".

Correct and not. Actually if it where your email-address, the spam would end up
on the list, but truly, how many spams have you seen that have an valid sender
address AND are different than the recipient, that missused innocent peoples
email-address ?

Truly, spam should not exist in the first place, but not doing anything about
won't help you either.
> > It would never happen, if you were subscribed
> So our spam would only hit innocent bystanders, not project
> participants. Great.

Define "spam". Spam is usolicied mailings. I wouldn't say that an email in
response to a email that you send yourself is spam, because you initiated it.
When participating in workgroups, forums etc. certain rules have to be followed
so that everybody can exist. All voices have to be heard, but not everybody can
be satisfied 100%. 

Which innocent bystanders (refer also to my earlier question, about "how many
have you seen") would we hit ? What do you mean by innocent bystander ?
> > I really would like to know, where the problem is there ?
> The problem is that the proposal would lead Debian to send out
> spam. That is Not Acceptable.

No .. because spam is mail that you didn't ask for. If you wan't to participate
in a workgroup, discussion, forum etc. you do want to do/accomplish something
and will accept the rules to do this.

I do not favour things like TMDA, thus also my less agressive suggestion, but i
do not like spam either.

You are talking about loosing volunteers, developers etc. because of
lists, but what about the ones that are lost because of the increasing amount
spam on the mailinglists, because the overhead just goes over the top of what
people accept ?

A friendly formulated mail in the few, and we are talking very few, that gives
the sender himself to action or cancel his mail send to a mailinlist at l.d.o.
is still better than having him wait for hours before his mail get's authorised
or having him to subscribe with yet another mail-address to then repost his

I'm not talking about "Go away" messages and i'm not talking about a mail to
each and every post mailed on any l.d.o. mailinglist.

What would your suggestion of a solution be, that can meet everybody ? 

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen
martin at list-petersen dot net

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