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Re: Services I'd like from auric

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 08:47:39PM +0000, Henning Makholm wrote:
> > > > > This may not become a point where people from DSA are given the
> > > > > possibility of bullying Debian developers.
> > > > And again the harsh language... you sound like you really need to cool
> > > > down...
> > > Did you snip out the "harsh language" you are talking about? I see
> > > none in the quotes in your email.
> > The implication that the admins would ever bully developers... well,
> > at least as far as I can parse that sentence.
> How would you phrase the sentence with language that you don't
> consider "harsh"?

I wouldn't phrase such a sentence at all. We shouldn't have to take random
precautionary measures against admin power abuse; such a problem should be
fixed before it ever happens by not having such people as admins.

However, if you insisted on me phrasing such a sentence, it would not
include the notion of bullying because that's bound to be the point where
the accused are going to be pondering the underlying message of the whole
litany. (And for what follows after that, read below...)

> However, trying to discourage others from arguing otherwise by arbitrarily
> calling their arguments "harsh language" is not constructive.

Yeah, right, we'll see how constructive the suggestion is after Madkiss'
rant is met with deafening silence from debian-admin :> See, in years of
experience of communicating (or, trying to do so at least) with them, one
thing that I have definitely learned is that they don't fancy people who
rant, but will pay attention to it. Those who they don't really listen to
are people who rant aimlessly ignoring the fact there are other solutions
other than ranting. Take that as you will. For the record, I have been in
those two groups, probably more times than I would have like to have on
record. :)

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