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Re: Services I'd like from auric

On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 01:17:19PM +0100, Martin Loschwitz wrote:
> > And to answer that, yes, that's right, it's a vote of no confidence.
> > There's nothing wrong with avoiding the situation where one has to trust
> > a thousand people in favor of the situation where one has to trust a
> > handful of them. Better yet, make that a O(thousand) possible sets of
> > circumstances.
> Yes there is. You take people into responsibility for something who didn't
> do anything wrong in particular.

Sorry, but that's how stuff works with security matters. Put yourselves
in their shoes and you'll quickly see that responsible admins can't and
shouldn't behave any other way.

> > > However, you need to understand (and accept) that for others information
> > > from auric may be essential in order to get the tasks done they got done
> > > so far.
> > 
> > Okay, if you say so, I guess this really disables you from doing something
> > useful, but I still don't see why you have to generalize and can't instead
> > simply ask for yourself (and whoever else is in on this thing) to be given
> > access to the data?
> Seeing as many people expressed their unhappyness with the situation 
> just on IRC in the last days, I do not think this is a problem for just 
> a handful of people but for quite a large amount of them.

That's still a small amount compared to the whole set. It's not unreasonable
to assume that six or seven hundred developers will never really need to log
into auric.

(BTW, same holds for accessing the BTS and many other places. In fact we
would have saved ourselves a lot of non-security-related trouble if we had
people announce their intentions before screwing around with the service
data in the past.)

> However, it is my understanding that giving comprehensible reasons for
> why you need access should be enough to get them. This may not become
> a point where people from DSA are given the possibility of bullying
> Debian developers.

And again the harsh language... you sound like you really need to cool

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