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Re: Services I'd like from auric

On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 03:56:02PM -0700, Kevin Rosenberg wrote:
> I certainly miss the varied and up-to-date information that I was able
> to get from auric. Taking James Troup's advice from his announcement
> of discussing information we'd like from auric, what's on my mind
> today is the ability to check the NEW queue.
> I frequently add new packages to Debian and, at the moment, I'm not
> sure of what new packages I've uploaded before the recent breech and
> what versions they were.
> Thus, if the ftpmasters are planning on a long-term restriction on
> auric, mirroring the data in the new queue [at least filenames and
> upload dates] would be of significant help to me.
> Thanks for considering the request,
> Kevin

I myself do not consider restricting access to auric to be of any sense. 
For one, auric was not affected by the recent attack to Debian machines, 
so there really isn't any provocation that would give restricting auric
a sense. As we could see, it obviously was easy to check the files on 
auric for integrity (some hours after compromise we were sure that 
nothing bad happened). Additionally, we would be able to track changes 
to the archive quickly as rsync logs on remote machines will show 
conspicuous entries (if the atacker started a mirror push; if he 
didn't, checking against a "known-to-be-good-source" would be enough).

I generally see the following problems with the proposal made by James

1) A "mirror" of auric would certainly be good; however, for one, you
would need to find a sponsor for yet another (probably quite expensive)
box (and housing for it, somebody who pays the monthly bill, someone 
who administers the new box, somebody who controls it for security 
related things ...). Additionally, mirroring auric probably could not 
be done "simultaneously" so that people who have to rely on the data 
from the "mirror"-auric would have outdated data all the time.

2 (very subjective, though)) I have no idea why, but the speed i get
when uploading to auric is significantly lower than the speed I get
when uploading to gluck. This made me end up with uploading packages
to gluck and downloading them from auric locally to get them into the
archive (as this was the much faster solution) -- that just wouldn't
be possible anymore once auric is restricted on the long term.

3) Mirroring auric on a box that is accessible by all developers will
somehow rule out the possibility to use the mirror as "fallback" if 
auric has problems itself (as then we're down to exactly the same 
problem we have if we just have the unrestricted auric itself all 
the time -- the possibility of breakins into a very critical point
of the Debian infrastructure)

I understand the ongoing efforts to make the Debian development boxes
more secure and I appreciate them as they will probably help to save
our users better from security issues related to the Debian machines.
However, I think that we should not burden our own work that hard in 
the name of security. 

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