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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> Ummm... You are wrong here. Knoppix (or Knoppix-derived versions) provide
> three things:
I do not intend to argue who is wrong here.  At least I had several talks
with Klaus Knopper in his mother tongue and I'm very sure that he intended
to make a live CD.  The hdinstall script (and its modifications / rewrites)
was hidden a long time to allow only experienced users to do what Klaus
regarded as nice contribution.

> 1- a live CD (can be easily developed with the usual tools)
> 2- autoconfiguration of hardware (again, this is or could  be integrated
> into Debian)
> 3- preconfiguration of all the software and customisation for a specific
> need.
> 4- a system to duplicate this live Cd into hard disk, making the necessary
> changes based on what was auto-detected.
Well, this is your interpretation of Knoppix.  It is a nice feature but
there is no reference that Klaus Knopper has this purpose in mind (even if
it works).  That's why I was talking always about a live CD - and this is
my main goal for Custom Debian distributions.  The install feature would be
a nice add on, but not the primary goal.  We have d-i.

> The nice part of Knoppix is not that it auto-detects hardware since this
> can be done already in Debian
You are definitely missing the point here:  I do not want to install Debian.
I want to go to a teacher in a scool, a customer or to a random PC I want
to run my MagicPoint presentation, put my live CD into it and leave the
PC as it was before once I'm ready.

> Hope that clears up the idea
Please specify "the" in the centence above.  I guess you mean "my idea of
how I want to use Knoppix".  This is perfectly OK and useful.  But there
are other ideas worth thinking about it.

Kind regards


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