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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Its your job as the user of debix to provide a already "knopified"
> chroot or to provide debs that debix will install via debootstrap to
> create a filesystem for the cd.
In fact, debix solves the last part of my proposal to create a Knoppix
from Debian-Mirror.

> Producing debs for this would be better because then you can easily
> update and modify the system.

> Making the debs policy cleans allows
> them to enter debian. The debs should be such that they can be used on
> a normal debian harddisk installation.
You are describing a perfect world.  For sure I would prefer this as well.
But I hate it if people tell me that building Knoppix from scratch is
impossible because of some policy problems because I regard those problems
as solvable in the end if we would get a *working* solution in the first
run.  The problem is that some configuration has to be "adapted" which
could be solved by writing debconf patches for some packages if necessary.

> Debix takes care of the live cd
> stuff transparently. This also mean any debian user can just upgrade
> his debian to a knoppix.
Hmmm, I can't parse the sense of this.  IMHO Knoppix is just the live CD

> If can't work with the policy but still want something in debian you
> would have to make a package that can create a knoppix chroot,
> i.e. package the scripts that transform a "normal" debian to
> knoppix. But I strongly suggest building policy conform debs for
> everything even if it means some things become slightly more
> complex (or bend the policy).
See above.

> I suggest putting all the knoppix debs into task knoppix. That way
> users can install debian and when task-sel pops up they select task
> knoppix, wait some and then they have they fully featured knoppix on
> the harddisk. Not as smooth as the live CD but still much easier than
> configuring everything themself.
This is the plan I introduece in my talk at LinuxDays Luxembourg and
this is exactly the goal of the debian-knoppix project on Alioth
even if it is only intended for the chroot system with the aim to
build a Knoppix CD from it.  I can't see the advantage of a Knoppix
system - it is just Debian (on a LiveCD with hardware detection).

Kind regards


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