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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> writes:

> On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> > Its your job as the user of debix to provide a already "knopified"
> > chroot or to provide debs that debix will install via debootstrap to
> > create a filesystem for the cd.
> In fact, debix solves the last part of my proposal to create a Knoppix
> from Debian-Mirror.
> > Producing debs for this would be better because then you can easily
> > update and modify the system.
> Absolutely.
> > Making the debs policy cleans allows
> > them to enter debian. The debs should be such that they can be used on
> > a normal debian harddisk installation.
> You are describing a perfect world.  For sure I would prefer this as well.
> But I hate it if people tell me that building Knoppix from scratch is
> impossible because of some policy problems because I regard those problems
> as solvable in the end if we would get a *working* solution in the first
> run.  The problem is that some configuration has to be "adapted" which
> could be solved by writing debconf patches for some packages if necessary.
> > Debix takes care of the live cd
> > stuff transparently. This also mean any debian user can just upgrade
> > his debian to a knoppix.
> Hmmm, I can't parse the sense of this.  IMHO Knoppix is just the live CD
> system.

If knoppix is all handled by debs you can koppify your installed
system by "apt-get install <knoppix debs>". Thats the end goal of
getting knoppix into Debian in my opinion.

> > If can't work with the policy but still want something in debian you
> > would have to make a package that can create a knoppix chroot,
> > i.e. package the scripts that transform a "normal" debian to
> > knoppix. But I strongly suggest building policy conform debs for
> > everything even if it means some things become slightly more
> > complex (or bend the policy).
> See above.

As a first approach making a "build knoppix" package is ok but the
package should shrink over time. Knopper has published his build
scripts so they can be adapted and packages easily.

> > I suggest putting all the knoppix debs into task knoppix. That way
> > users can install debian and when task-sel pops up they select task
> > knoppix, wait some and then they have they fully featured knoppix on
> > the harddisk. Not as smooth as the live CD but still much easier than
> > configuring everything themself.
> This is the plan I introduece in my talk at LinuxDays Luxembourg and
> this is exactly the goal of the debian-knoppix project on Alioth
> even if it is only intended for the chroot system with the aim to
> build a Knoppix CD from it.  I can't see the advantage of a Knoppix
> system - it is just Debian (on a LiveCD with hardware detection).

For the same reason that users want the hd-install function on the

It might even be such a trivial thing as that they want to watch dvds
with knoppix but have only one dvd drive. Ok, for this debix can push
the cdrom into ram, if you have enough, and eject it.


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