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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Le Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 11:48:29AM +0100, Jesus Climent écrivait:
> > No. That's not the general case, that's the exception.
> He is claiming he has tight schedules. If one of those schedules is in the
> same time frame Debian is in the middle of one of our transitions, calling
> that a fu**ed up situation is putting it mild, since the only thing he can 
> do is getting involved with the broken packages and fix RC bugs on them.

When was the last time that testing was completely fucked up ? I don't
mean fucked up like "nothing is going in testing" but like "i
dist-upgraded in testing and nothing works now".

RC bugs are the domain of unstable ... he's speaking about basing its
work on testing. Of course, RC bugs happen on testing too but on a less
frequent basis.

BTW, it's not a shame to have to work on Debian's RC bugs, that's how
things go forward ... complaining about them and telling people "go away
we have RC bugs" won't help us to fix them. :-)

> Not that I would not use Debian, but he should be informed about what happens
> from time to time.

Sure. Other distrib also have RC bugs even if they don't display them
like we do ...

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