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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

>>>>> "rh" == Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

    >> That's true, but given that we still don't know how many Debian
    >> "pure" packages how many DeMuDi packages there will be, some
    >> sort of filter-in-the-middle is IMHO needed.

    rh> I don't agree with you. A Debian package is a Debian
    rh> package. There's no notion of "pure debian packages" in
    rh> opposition to "demudi specific packages".

For "pure" Debian  packages I intend packages which  are made and part
of Debian.  I can of course make a .deb  out of any software, but that
doesn't make it automatically part of Debian.  For example, what about
debian packages coming from  Ximian (when it  was still called Helix)?
If    I remember correctly,  bug   reports  about them raised  several

IIRC, that was one of the reasons someone  proposed to add the "Bugs:"
tag to the package headers.

    rh> You have several cases : - a package that demudi needs is
    rh> already in debian, it's not maintained by a demudi developer
    rh> ... you have to send him patches for your needs.  You want to
    rh> follow the bug of this package because this package is of
    rh> special interest to you => use the Package Tracking System to
    rh> follow bugs and uploads, and possibly you can become
    rh> co-maintainer.  - a package not available in Debian, you
    rh> package it and are the maintainer, you have full power over
    rh> it, no problems.

Agreed to all three. 
    rh> The biggest problem I could think of is trying to make sure
    rh> that you can follow your own schedule. It may be problematic
    rh> because Debian takes *much* time to release a stable version
    rh> but you can make release independently of Debian, it's just a
    rh> matter of work to recompile the updated packages that you
    rh> want/need and to integrate them on your CDROM or whatever.

Agreed, I think we will follow this road.

    rh> That said, doing your own release between two Debian releases
    rh> are ok but you should also release a second time when the
    rh> whole Debian releases.

This is an example of what my fear is.  I want to remain separate from
Debian because I don't know   if we will have   the force to  maintain
something like DeMuDi (and european  funds are not neverending).   If,
in any form, DeMuDi is officially part of Debian, that of course means
that as soon as Debian does a release, DeMuDi must follow.  And this
could be not feasible.


Andrea Glorioso               andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it
Centro Tempo Reale                http://www.centrotemporeale.it/
AGNULA/DeMuDi Technical Manager   http://www.[demudi|agnula].org/
"There's no free expression without control on the tools you use"

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