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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Raphael Hertzog (2003-02-14 09:04:34 +0100) :

> Le Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 03:19:38PM -0400, andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it écrivait:
>>     rh> BTW, Debian will soon (well I hope :)) have its own gforge
>>     rh> (codename: alioth) so if you need more things in the
>>     rh> future, we could create what's needed there.
>> I'm interested in knowing on which base you worked for this:
>> Savannah or Gforge?
> Gforge. Or sourceforge itself ... the work is done by Roland Mas and
> Christian Bayle who have packaged sourceforge (the sources released
> by Va Linux at that time) and who are contributors of the new
> gforge.

Currently Debian-Sourceforge 2.5, which is Sourceforge adapted to be
installable and packageable.  We already have rather stable packages
for Sourceforge 2.6, in which we have a reasonable amount of
confidence.  We also have packages for Gforge, btu since it's still
evolving rather rapidly, we don't trust it to be fully stable yet.

  In any case, one of our priorities when packaging SF 2.6 and Gforge
was upgradability.  I'm not quite sure about upgrading Sourceforge to
Gforge (it's Christian's work, and I haven't tried it myself yet), but
upgrading SF 2.5 to SF 2.6 is smooth and automatic.  So we'll probably
end up giving up on SF altogether when Gforge is stable and trusted.

Roland Mas

Just because you're dead doesn't mean they aren't still out to get you.
  -- Virgil, in Ye Gods! (Tom Holt)

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