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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Le Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 08:19:35PM +0100, andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it écrivait:
> On top  of my TODO  list there is  a gforge installation which  can be

Don't loose time setting up a gforge installation yourself. What exactly
do you need ?

Debian already offers mailing lists, web, CVS and BTS. You just need to have
a good experience of Debian to be able to push forward by nagging the
right person when needed and so on ... I'm willing to help you on that

BTW, Debian will soon (well I hope :)) have its own gforge (codename:
alioth) so if you need more things in the future, we could create what's
needed there.

I'm going to request a CVS area for debian-edu RSN with full control (ie
with possibility to give pserver acounts to non-developers). I could
request one for debian-multimedia at the same time if you want ... I'd
accept to manage it for you (ie creating pserver accounts on request
and so on).

> (actually one   of my doubts is  how  to integrate  Debian BTS  and an
> external  BTS as to not   clutter Debian developers with issues  which
> could very well  be DeMuDi-specific), a document repository,  personal

You won't clutter Debian developers ... you're working with them, you're
helping them by making their packages better. So there's no need to
"fork" the BTS concerning Debian packages. If for a specific package
you really need a different config or fairly large patches, you can ask
the maintainer to change its package so that it generates two packages
instead of one. If he doesn't agree with you, you still have the
possibilty to do your own <package>-demudi for your own purpose.

But all of this should be in Debian standard like any other

> As a final  final point,  let me  stress  that Marco, Guenter  and all
> other  people involved in DeMuDi till  now have done  a wonderful job.

Agreed, I thank them for their work, and I hope they will overcome
the little burden of integrating Demudi in Debian.

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