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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Le Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 03:19:38PM -0400, andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it écrivait:
>     rh> BTW, Debian will soon (well I hope :)) have its own gforge
>     rh> (codename: alioth) so if you need more things in the future,
>     rh> we could create what's needed there.
> I'm interested in knowing on which base you worked for this: Savannah
> or Gforge?

Gforge. Or sourceforge itself ... the work is done by Roland Mas and
Christian Bayle who have packaged sourceforge (the sources released by
Va Linux at that time) and who are contributors of the new gforge.

>     rh> You won't clutter Debian developers ... you're working with
>     rh> them, you're helping them by making their packages better. So
>     rh> there's no need to "fork" the BTS concerning Debian
>     rh> packages. 
> That's true, but given that we still don't know how many Debian "pure"
> packages  how  many DeMuDi  packages  there   will be,  some   sort of
> filter-in-the-middle is IMHO needed.

I don't agree with you. A Debian package is a Debian package. There's no
notion of "pure debian packages" in opposition to "demudi specific

You have several cases :
- a package that demudi needs is already in debian, it's not maintained
  by a demudi developer ... you have to send him patches for your needs.
  You want to follow the bug of this package because this package is of
  special interest to you => use the Package Tracking System to follow
  bugs and uploads, and possibly you can become co-maintainer.
- a package not available in Debian, you package it and are the
  maintainer, you have full power over it, no problems.
> Only if DeMuDi will be part of Debian standard, which  is not clear at
> this  point.  Please note that I  have nothing against  Debian and I'm
> trying to find a solution to  maximise integration - together with you
> and with the rest of  the DeMuDi team, since each  part knows what its
> own aims and  its obligations are -  but there might be problems which
> could not allow this.

The biggest problem I could think of is trying to make sure that you can
follow your own schedule. It may be problematic because Debian takes
*much* time to release a stable version but you can make release
independently of Debian, it's just a matter of work to recompile the
updated packages that you want/need and to integrate them on your CDROM
or whatever.

That said, doing your own release between two Debian releases are ok but
you should also release a second time when the whole Debian releases.

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