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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

>>>>> "pl" == Francesco Paolo Lovergine <frankie@debian.org> writes:

    pl> That's   not  the  point. Starting    a  sub-project  requires
    pl> knowledge, time and efforts. Currently www.demudi.org seems at
    pl> a dead point, to be honest.  Package  list is very limited and
    pl> outdated (some packages are already  in sid, some other cannot
    pl> be in sid for licensing problems). Also  MLs are not archived.
    pl> All these things cannot encourage developers to join.  At this
    pl> point you  must  demonstrate that  demudi   is alive. And  the
    pl> better way to do it is starting soon a new SF site and fill of
    pl> development-related    contents.   And         you  must    do
    pl> this... yesterday.

    pl> Sorry for being so brutal :)

Francesco, truth is never brutal. :)

I'm the new technical manager (sort of project manager) for the DeMuDi
project.   I've  been "appointed"  just  a  few days  ago, so  you can
understand that  I have to  digest  a lot of information  before being
able to start working in an intelling way.

I  do  agree with  you  that several   things in   the  current DeMuDi
infrastructure need a revamp.    I'm currently working on a  document,
which I will  present to all the  partners  of the AGNULA  project (of
which DeMuDi is a subproject) and try to make things going.

On top  of my TODO  list there is  a gforge installation which  can be
used as a central point of  coordination for all development effort on
DeMuDi.  This means archived mailing lists,  public bug tracking tools
(actually one   of my doubts is  how  to integrate  Debian BTS  and an
external  BTS as to not   clutter Debian developers with issues  which
could very well  be DeMuDi-specific), a document repository,  personal
pages  for DeMuDi volunteers -  I  refer especially  to "normal" users
which have  a very thorough understanding  of the  process involved in
producing electronic media but could not be expert debian packagers.

So, the final  point is: you are right,  DeMuDi needs  a heavy revamp.
I'm  working  on  that.   On the  other  hand,  Marco  proposal  as  I
understood it is  a bit different, and   the fact that  DeMuDi doesn't
seem particularly alive now - which doesn't mean  it's not been worked
on, just  that  we need to  polish  a bit our PR  skills  :) - doesn't
imply, in my opinion, that a Debian-multimedia project is not a good
thing to have (tm).

As a final  final point,  let me  stress  that Marco, Guenter  and all
other  people involved in DeMuDi till  now have done  a wonderful job.
It's true that DeMuDi needs to present itself  better, and I'm working
on  this; but the fact that  a 0.9 DeMuDi ISO exists   is a proof that
neither Marco nor Guenter are afraid of working hard on something they
believe into, such as debian-multimedia.

Andrea Glorioso               andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it
Centro Tempo Reale                http://www.centrotemporeale.it/
AGNULA/DeMuDi Technical Manager   http://www.[demudi|agnula].org/
"There's no free expression without control on the tools you use"

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