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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 11:59:51AM -0400, marco trevisani wrote:
> Hi All,
> after one year of work and having reached release 0.9 i definitely
> think that is time to start a Debian-Multimedia internal-projects.
> The DeMuDi experience was and still is good - talking about experiences,
> "good" means that you learn also the good and the bad part of it-, but
> then now, even more than when i started originally the project with
> Guenter Geiger, I'm aware that there is no chance for the project for
> growing and lasting in the future if it does not become quite urgently a
> Debian internal projects.


I knew DeMuDi project by discussions about 'Linux & Music' 
with Raffaele De Tintis and Michele Lomuto (people you probably know).
My first impression is that the project needs more transparency
and use of standard collaborative tools to improve and grow.
This is true independently by its involvement as a sub-project
in Debian.
A developers mailing list needs to be available asap.
The same for a cvs repository. All full-time available.
Also a todo list and a document of intents are necessary
at this stage.
This is just my 2 cents ideas...

> I would like to start some formal discussion and get opinions from
> Debian devel and maintainers -especially those that would be obviously
> involved. Plus i would like to take the *official* steps to start such a
> subproject- i know from Ben Armstrong howto that this is not very much
> defined yet... actually this would be another good reason to start such
> a project so that how to could be taken to an end...-
> Here i will annotate some reasons why i think is time to start such a
> project that could be an input for further discussion and criticism...
> Maybe this considerations are good for those that are tempted to start a 
> "satellite" project rather than a "internal project"
> i would skip the obvious, and obviously huge well known advantages of
> being inside the Debian project and not just being a satellite....such
> as a well working structure, mirrors, translations etc...IN any case 
> this itself it is enough to justify...
> 1) Collaboration, cooperation, discussion and involvement with Debian 
> maintainers is much easier, obvious and reasonable from within the project 
> rather than from outside (even if the outside group is based on 
> volunteer job or small grant received, there is always the suspicion 
> that you want to take advantage of other people work, which does not 
> sound good).
> 2) changes and policy to make a good subproject could be discussed by a 
> group so every maintainer can put is tip on the matter and the result is 
> a better integrated group of applications.
> 3) Better integration with the other internal projects
> 4) A group that at the end is quite small can't take care, develop and 
> maintain an entire distribution even if based on an existing 
> distribution, without compromising the quality of the project.
> ...and there is more of course...
> So what to do next?
> looking forward to read replies...i'm very interested also to hear from 
> the maintainers that could obviously be directly involved in this 
> internal project.
> 		ciao,
> 		marco trevisani
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