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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Le Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 12:28:45PM -0400, andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it écrivait:
> For "pure" Debian  packages I intend packages which  are made and part
> of Debian.  I can of course make a .deb  out of any software, but that
> doesn't make it automatically part of Debian.  For example, what about

You're thinking as if you were outside of Debian. I'm teaching how to
think when you're within Debian ... :-)

> debian packages coming from  Ximian (when it  was still called Helix)?
> If    I remember correctly,  bug   reports  about them raised  several
> eyebrows.

Sure, but helix packages had big upstream changes ... and here we're not
talking about redoing other packages from scratch but just enhancing
existing debian packages and provide new packages when they are missing.

The demudi specific forked packages are the _exceptions_.

>     rh> The biggest problem I could think of is trying to make sure
>     rh> that you can follow your own schedule. It may be problematic
>     rh> because Debian takes *much* time to release a stable version
>     rh> but you can make release independently of Debian, it's just a
>     rh> matter of work to recompile the updated packages that you
>     rh> want/need and to integrate them on your CDROM or whatever.
> Agreed, I think we will follow this road.

I think it's best choice even if it's not always that easy to do ...
build dependencies regularly need to be tweaked for recompile. I'm
considering proposing a change to debian policy to ease the
recompile by having several separate set of build dependencies.

> This is an example of what my fear is.  I want to remain separate from
> Debian because I don't know   if we will have   the force to  maintain
> something like DeMuDi (and european  funds are not neverending).   If,

Trust the community ! Debian funds are not neverending also ... but we
keep being there over the years. :-)

> in any form, DeMuDi is officially part of Debian, that of course means
> that as soon as Debian does a release, DeMuDi must follow.  And this
> could be not feasible.

I don't see why it would be a problem ... but anyway, if a subproject
can't release together with Debian it's not a big problem. I mean
DebianJunior is there for several years and I don't know of any official
release yet ... :-)

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