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Re: Woody / Stable

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 03:43:30AM -0700, Jim Lynch wrote:

> To your credit and that of all debian developers, however, most of woody
> is done; actually -all- of it is done if by "all" you mean its packages
> (updaters 1, new installers 0 due to that looping installer bug that
> cropped up). Major hurray for that.

Unfortunately, its packages are not done.  During the time since woody went
into deep freeze, there have now been several important security fixes.  In
the best cases, these fixes have gone to unstable as patches, and those
packages remain ready to go into woody, but in the more common cases, either
no woody-targeted package is available, or there is one languishing in
woody-proposed-updates, built for a single architecture.

 - mdz

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