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Re: Woody / Stable

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 01:58:14PM +1000, Anthony Towns woke up, and decided to spew forth:
> You might consider something like "ssh auric last | grep ^ajt | less"
> before leaping to such conclusions.
> Cheers,
> aj

Actually I think the point was that folks outside of the development
cycle not knowing what's going on come up with some weird conclusions
about what's happening. Not that we're responsible for them thnking
that, just that they do. 

What I don;t see is why there is so much hoopla against notifying our
userbase of what's taking place. Look folks, it's simple. WE use the
lists and many of the userbase also use the lists, but not all of them
do. We have a large base to deal with. Why is everyone fighting so damn
hard NOT to put out a simple message like what I proposed (not that we
have to use MINE, ANY message along those lines should suffice) to the
userbase? It's really coming across like "Why should we care what the
userbase thinks? We're too busy fixing things so that the release DOES
come out to care what the folks at home think. Leave me alone and let me
get this done!".

OK, I really don't see that being a problem that we want to fix this all
up and gete it out the door. That's what we're SUPPOSED to do, but dang
guys, let ONE of us at least put something out so we CAN get people off
your backs! This isn't that difficult. It's like watching a
congressional session on CNN! Debates over the worthiness of doing such
a thing, debates on the worthiness of deciding the worthiness of doing
such a thing, opinions on why NOT to do such a thing, opinions on why TO
do such a thing, debates over what the exact meanings are implied by
some comments and not others ect ect.

Let's just do the damn thing and get it over with! Add a link on the
main page in a

<H2> Information regarding distribution release delays</H2>
For more information on release processes and possible reasons for
delays in distribution release, click <A HREF="reasons.html">here.</A>

The forward them to an anchor in the FAQ that describes that. Like we
were talking about earlier. Make the notation generic enough to cover
any release and bam, the issue is done.

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