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Re: Woody / Stable

>>"Alan" == Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> writes:

 Alan> Maybe a bit more explicitness about what needs to be done, and

	*Sigh*. We need to be able to support security updates for
 woody. The release manager said so. I said so in my mail that you
 replied to. It does not seem to have registered. Is there a point in
 repeating this over and over again?

 Alan> how long the people working on it think it might take.  It

	We do not know. 

 Alan> doesn't need to be accurate, but it would give people more of
 Alan> an idea on the timeframe: will woody be released this month?
 Alan> This year?

	Perhaps this millenium. Or two weeks after the last person to
 ask. Whatever comes later. (Hint: we do not have a reasonable

 >> Essentially, woody shall be released when ready? 

 Alan> The problem with "It will be released when it's ready" is that
 Alan> it can be interpreted as meaning "It'll be released whenever we
 Alan> get around to finishing it."  It sends a completely different
 Alan> message than "It'll be released when x, y, and z are done and
 Alan> working."

	It will be released when we are happy with the way it
 works. When it is ready.

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