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Re: Quake is GPL

On Sun, Dec 26, 1999 at 01:56:00PM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> > > Yeah but this put's more load on the FTP- and Mirror-Maintainer
> > > and I think they are not quite happy about this extra load. So why
> > > can't we use a solution like we did with qmail?
> I never said that someone should cripple a package. Stop assuming
> things that I don't say. And also I'm not talking about censorship.
> I'm just reminding you that some FTP-Maintainer may stand half in
> jail because they don't have the f****ng time to go through the whole
> debian archive for excluding every software that's illegal in their
> country. We should provide them with a possible solution for excluding
> such a software, because you can change a government in one day or
> because some people think they are more important.

So how about volunteering to contact those ftp maintainers and let
them know about their governments' laws?

Or, at the very minimum, suggesting a solution that has some relevance.

[With qmail, we distribute the software in source form from our ftp
archives, and maybe make it slightly easier for some people to build it on
their systems.  That wouldn't make a bit of difference for a brazillian
ftp site operator distributing a package which the brazillian government
declares a felony.]

As an aside: I've not found debian's packaging of qmail to make my
life easier.  The few times I've tried it, it made my life harder.
More recently, when I've wanted qmail on a machine, I've installed
ssmtp, diverted sendmail and downloaded/installed qmail from koobera.
[Nowadays, I think I'd use http://cr.yp.to instead of koobera]


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