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Re: Quake in Germany - not illegal?

On 99-12-26 Filip Van Raemdonck wrote:
> "Quake is indexed in Germany, not banned. This means it's only allowed
> to sell it to adults and advertising is prohibited."

> Just saw this on a web page. It's URL is (for who is interested)
> http://www.inside3d.com/qip

I just looked a bit around about the BPjS which decide if a game becomes
indexed or not. If a game is on the  index you are not allowed to
advertise for it in anyway. Also you are not allowed to make the game
accesable for underaged and are only allowed to sell it to adults. You
are also not allowed to trade outside of closed shops. So it's not
censorship as some would like to call it. But as the software would be
on the FTP-Server freely available also to underaged, the FTP-Maintainer
would contravene against this and I didn't find something about the
penalty that you would get then. 

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