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Bug#735207: cloud-config will never start on upstart Bug#834612: cloud-init: [INTL:nl] Dutch translation of debconf messages Bug#845019: Instructions for backports are out-of-date Bug#846526: cloud-init: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation Bug#852564: cloud-init: Update udevadm path Bug#852569: cloud-initramfs-tools: Update udevadm path Bug#863385: marked as done ( Latest stretch AMI (ami-772ab761) fails to launch successfully into VPCs) Bug#863385: Possible solution Bug#863580: (no subject) Bug#863580: Info received (Bug#863580: Vagrant boxes randomly fail to come up when additional networks are configured) Bug#865269: Please provide an official contrib-stretch64 vagrant base box Bug#865577: cloud-init FTBFS: recipe for target 'pep8' failed Bug#865611: non-free repositories are enabled by default Bug#865965: InvalidBlockDeviceMapping error while creating a new ami based on stretch one Bug#866613: cloud-init: Adding Apache v2 license to debian/copyright cloud-init is marked for autoremoval from testing Jessie openstack image updated to version 8.8.2-20180620 Processed: closing 735207 Processed: severity of 852564 is important Processed: severity of 852569 is important Processed: tagging 863580 Processed: your mail Stretch openstack image updated to version 9.0.1-20180620 Stretch openstack image updated to version 9.0.2-20170623 Systemd predictive network interface names for Stretch Urgent: Clound images for Stretch announcement Vagrant Boxes images for Stretch released Vagrant Boxes images release for Stretch Vmdb2 first alpha release: Debian disk image creation tool The last update was on 03:42 GMT Fri Jun 07. There are 70 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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