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Re: Vmdb2 first alpha release: Debian disk image creation tool

Two weeks ago I announced vmdb2 version 0.5, the first alpha release.
I have today published version 0.7, with the the changes shown below,
since 0.5. The .deb package is available on my code.liw.fi/apt site
(see https://liw.fi/code/ for details), and on my git server
(see http://git.liw.fi/vmdb2).

vmdb2 is my rewrite of vmdebootstrap. It's more flexible, and the code
is a lot cleaner. Version 0.7 can build an image with GNOME installed.

(If someone wants to step up and maintain the package in Debian, I
would appreciate it.)

Version 0.7, released 2017-06-18

* New plugin `virtuals` provides step `mount-virtual-filesystems` for
  mounting virtual filesystems such as `/proc` and `/dev` as well.

* The `apt` step installs `eatmydata` and runs `apt` under it, to
  speed up package installs.

Version 0.6, released 2017-06-11

* setup.py now installs the plugins, making the .deb package actually
  be usable.

I want to build worthwhile things that might last. --joeyh

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