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Bug#865269: cloud.debian.org: Please provide an official contrib-stretch64 vagrant base box

> Debian has provided official vagrant base boxes in 2 flavors - one without the VirtualBox guest additions
> and the other with the guest additions, since the Jessie release. With Stretch released a few days back,
> only the base box without the guest additions is available. Please provide a contrib-stretch64 base box
> with the guest additions.

Thank your for your interest for the Vagrant Box with guest additions.

The thing is that VirtualBox itself was removed from Stretch (but still
available in unstable) at the request of the package maintainer, due to
the difficulty of providing security fixes for stable releases.
( see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=794466 )

This means it is not possible to install the guest additions on a
Stretch VM without first backporting the guest additions from unstable.
IIRC using the non-free iso containing the guest additions bring another
problem, is that the guest additions does not build inside the VM if the
VM itself is not running inside Virtualbox. But we build the VMs using qemu.

As you see there is no straightforward solution for that.

CCing Gianfranco, the Virtual Box package maintainer if he wants to add

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