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***UNCHECKED*** ***UNCHECKED*** Your signed PGP key 0x7C3B797088C7C1F7 ***UNCHECKED*** Your signed PGP key 0x7C3B797088C7C1F7 Invitación a Unicolombia® Depresyon, Panik Atak ve EMG Hakkında Herşey Bug#154751: Instant Recession Relief in Fewer than 60 mins Bug#285888: Please welcome Amy Amy Bug#417051: Attention Account Holder Bug#506489: debian-cd: please provide jigdo and list files for netinst and business ISOs Bug#515542: marked as done ( content-type wrong for torrents) Re: Bug#542241: simple-cdd: Deal better with non-official codenames Bug#547418: Lenny files on cdimage.d.o: consistency of naming scheme, matching the release version Re: Dealing better with CD releases, done partially with 5.0.2a/5.0.3 debian cd image download website Re: debian-installer daily images Distributing Debian using Usenet Distribuye Neem -Diabetes-Vitiligo-Cancer Google Webinar (free sign-up) - Top 10 SEO Tools jigdo files: no source for testing after 3 weeks? multi-arch images (for testing d-i) miss MD5SUMS Processed: severity of 547454 is important Request testing iso (31/08/2009) => boot first passphrase with us keyboard (but I'm French) Re: Upcoming Lenny point release The last update was on 06:16 GMT Fri Sep 25. There are 35 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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