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Re: Bug#542241: simple-cdd: Deal better with non-official codenames

On Monday 14 September 2009, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Well, as a debian-cd co-maintainer, I thought about this too, but I
> didn't like the idea very much. It would mean 2 supplementary variables
> that should be used instead of $CODENAME or $DI_CODENAME in various
> places and that should default to $CODENAME $DI_CODENAME.
> Ccing debian-cd@lists.debian.org to get the input of Steve (and maybe
> Frans) but for now I think that simple-cdd is a good place to implement
> this. I consider the fact that we can put supplementary directories
> in those places as a relatively official interface of debian-cd.

It seems a bit strange to me to have a derived distribution as CD release 
that's not backed up by it's own archive, and thus mirrors.
I'd say that if you want to use different codenames, you should start by 
creating an archive that has those codenames.

If you do not have a separate archive, I fail to see the rationale for 
changing the Debian codename. Are users not allowed to install additional 
packages or get (security) updates from the Debian repositories for some 

If you have such an archive, it also seems trivial to me to create the 
needed configuration files (if you like as symlinks to files/dirs for 
Debian codenames) needed for Debian CD. (I'd recommend using git-svn and 
creating a branch for the derived distribution.)

So, IMO debian-cd already has all the functionality needed to support 
derived distributions using different codenames. Or am I missing 


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