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Re: Mach64 cards work with SX164 and Debian - Only kernel 2.4 makes trouble

Jay Estabrook <Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com> writes:

> Be careful about the card you choose - some of the most recent cards
> don't always work with the BIOS emulator that is in the consoles of
> the older machines. Rage128 and Radeon are fine in LX/SX, and have
> the added benefit of running OpenGL apps via DRI/DRM in the latest
> kernels and XFree86... :-)

I have a Permedia 2 based card (Diamond FireGL 2) in my SX164, and it
also doesn't work properly with XFree 4 (pixmaps get corrupted.
Usually, I try to fix bugs myself, but I have no idea how to debug
this...). OTOH, this can be seen as great progress: earlier versions
of XFree4 left the console in an unusual state, and even earlier ones
crashed the kernel :)


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