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Mach64 cards work with SX164 and Debian - Only kernel 2.4 makes trouble


> Mach64 cards aren't supported on Alpha,

Are you sure?

I've been using Linux with my Alpha since two years and more. At the very
beginning, I had an ATI card and X worked perfectly with RedHat 5.3. Now,
I am writting this message under X with SuSE 7.0 an another ATI card.

But, much more important, it also WORKS THIS THE DEBIAN 2.2r3 when I start
it with the original kernel 2.2.18pre.

The problem I have is only when I start with the 2.4.12.

> Did this card work on SuSE and, if so,
> what Xserver where they using?

The Mach64 driver.

> FYI, SuSE released some binary-only

That's possible, but when I do rpm -qi xmach64, I see:

Source RPM: xf86_3x-3.3.6-85.src.rpm

so I think the source is available.

> Xservers a while back which we never packaged on Debian simply because
> they appeared to be one-shot releases with no sign of updates since.

I fully agree with this policy, that is another reason why I would be so happy
to use the Debian.

If you need other informations, please ask them to me, I really would like
to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Fabrice Haberer-Proust

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