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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push

Hi Frank,

> > Can you checksum that file on another computer, to check if the CD is
> > OK? If there is md5sum in the install ramdisk, you may be able to
> > checksum it from the installer itself as well.
> Checked it. The checksum is fine.

Well, I ran into trouble reading from CD the other day, and it all culminated in 
the CD being marked offline after repeated IO errors. That was with a 24x SCSI 
drive which I had bought for use on Atari and Mac ten years ago. The drive hat 
gotten a bit dodgy already (no eject), so I swapped it out for a 48x one.

That drive got me all the way to drive partitioning; at that time I had to abort 
the install in order to back up the contents of a spare chroot partition on sda. 

Imagine my frustration when my 2.6.27 kernel started spewing IO errors while 
reading from the designated partition. Something's gone dodgy with SCSI again. 

I'll have to investigate this more fully in the next days, but I'd advise 
against installing to a SCSI partition on a disk with valuable data on it 
(unless you want to risk a very exciting fsck session). 

Installing to IDE will be fine, as long as the SCSI CDROM does not trigger 
timeouts just because it's slow. 


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