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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push

Hi Michael,

> That means it got past the point where the EtherNEC load failed
> previously (right at kernel boot time, before the installer gets started).


> The file rename sure can be done in the nect ISO, fixing the cause of
> the hang may required changes to the bootstrap itself...

Well, I guess there are not too many volunteers for this task. :-)

> Do you get to select any modules at all? That would be the first step to
> provide a custom built module ...

See below.

> Can you switch to an alternate console (alt-f2 or ctrl-alt-f2 etc.)? The
> installer used to log its internal state and progress to one of the
> consoles (4, or 7, ??), the output there might be helpful.

Yes, see below as well.

So, this is so far the complete protocol of my tests:

1.) Tried to start from cd rom (bootstra.prg)
Output: Unable to get kernel image vmlinux

Copied everything to harddisc, renamed bootstra.prg to bootstra.tos


-s -d -k c:\linux\vmlinuz -r c:\linux\initrd.gz root=/dev/ram
video=atafb:vga16 console=tty load_ramdisk=1 fb=false

2.) Booted from TOS, no additinal programs loaded, Resolution 16
Colours, 640x480

Bootstra.prg started:

Linux/68k Atari Bootstrap version 6.0snapshot Dec 13 2004
                                     ^^^ (think there is a whitespace
character missing)

Copyright 1993-2004 by Arjan Knor, Robert de Vries, Roman Hodek, Andreas
Schwab, Petr Stehlik

Kernel command line: root=/dev/ram video=atafb:vga16 console=tty
load_ramdisk = 1 fb=false BOOT_IMAGE=c:\linux\vmlinuz
CPU: 68060; FPU: 68060
Model: Falcon
TT-RAM: 510.51050 MB at 0x1000000
ST-RAM: 14 MB at 0x00000000
Total: 524.52450 MB
Decompressing c:\linux\vmlinuz
 - 2711552 gunzip    - 1407533 file

| 2775312 file

Bootstrap's bootinfo version: 2.1
Kernel's bootinfo version   : 2.1
ramdisk src at 0x1300bbc, size is 2775312
ramdisk dest is 0x20bda6f0 ... 0x20e7ffff
Kernel segment 0 at 0x1000, size 2796276
Kernel segment 1 at 0x2ac000, size 122880
boot_info is at 0x2ca000

Type a key to continue the Linux boot...

[This should be corrected as well because you have to press RETURN all
the other keys do not work]

Booting Linux...

Floppy and Harddisk LED start to flash
Screens gets distorted
After a while the screen changes to a readable console output (black
screen, white letters)
[but unfortunately this is too much and too fast to type in]

Then the screen gets blue, white input mask, black letters and you have
to chose language
"English - English" chosen
Screens gets blue
Chose a country
"other" chosen
Screen gets blue
Chose a continent or region
"Europe" chosen
Screen gets blue
Chose a country
"Germany" chosen
Screen gets blue
Select a keyboard layout
"German (atari)" chosen
Screen gets blue
Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives
Detecting hardware, please wait...
After a while screen gets blue again

No common CD-ROM drive was detected
Load CD-ROM drivers from removable media?
Then keyboard input is impossible
Pushed Reset button

3.) Booted again, now with a cd-rom media (not a burnt one) inserted but
obviously not a Linux iso

Same output like above until:

Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives
Detecting hardware, please wait...
After a while screen gets blue again
Then screen changed to red:

[!!] Detect and mount CD-ROM
Incorrect CD-ROM detected
The CD-ROM drive contains a CD which cannot be used for installation.

Please insert a suitable CD to continue with the Installation


[Pressed RETURN]

[!!] Detect and mount CD-ROM
Installation step failed
An installation step failed. You can try to run the failing item again
from the menu, or skip it and choose something else. The failing step
is: Detect and mount CD-ROM


[Pressed RETURN again]

Debian installer main menu appeared

[Changed the cd to debian etch m68k (04.10.2008)]

Chose "Detect and mount a CD-ROM"
Screen gets blue
Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives
Detecting hardware, please wait...

Screen gets blue
Scanning CD-ROM [that was succesful]

Loading additional components [succesful]
Detecting network hardware
Screen gets blue

[!] Detect network hardware
No Ethernet card was detected. If you know the name of the driver needed
by your Ethernet card, you can select it from the list.

Driver needed by your Ethernet card:

"Atari_ethernec" chosen
Screen gets blue

[?] Debian installer main menu

"Configure and mount partitions" chosen
Screen gets blue
[!!] Configure and mount partitions

These are the partitions that were detected in your system.
Please select a partition to configure.
No actual changes will be made until you select "Finish".
If you select "Abort", no changes will be made.

The information shown is, in order: device name, size, file system, and
mount point.

Select a partition

"IDE master, part. 4 4.0 GiB ext2" chosen and formatted with ext3
"IDE master, part. 6 1.0 GiB swap" chosen and installed as swap

Then after a while

Console 1:
[!!] Install the base system
Debootstrap warning
Warning: file:://cdrom/dists/etch-m68k/main/binary-m68k/Packages was corrupt
<Go Back> <Continue>

Console 4:
Call Trace: [<00041400>] sched_clock_cpu+0x0/0x18

Hope someone can help



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