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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push


O.K. Copied everything to harddisc. What happened then is that after I
started bootstra.prg from partition c:\ (GEMDOS) with MiNT the computer
just freezed. When I started from partition c:\ with TOS the computer
reboots (coldboot).

NVDI included, or not?

I just remembered something else that may be important - after the first unsuccesful boot attempt from HD, I renamed bootstrap.prg to bootstrap.tos. This appears to have some effect on how TOS handles the bootstrap, because reading the kernel image from disk and decompressing it happens a lot less fast than it does when using bootstrap.prg as name for the binary.

-s -d -k o:\install\kernels\vmlinuz-2.6.26-1-atari -r
o:\install\cdrom\initrd.gz root=/dev/ram video=atafb:vga16 console=tty
load_ramdisk=1 fb=false
That's the one from the CD, except for fixed paths?

Right. This time modified as follows (had to shorten kernel's name due
to gemdos restrictions (maxpath 8+3):

:-) Understood (that's why I left the kernel image on CD). Could you please try that as well?

-s -d -k c:\linux\vmlinuz -r c:\linux\initrd.gz root=/dev/ram
video=atafb:vga16 console=tty load_ramdisk=1 fb=false

Output from Bootstra.prg:

Linux/68k AtariBootstrap version 6.0snapshot Dec 13 2004
Copyright 1993-2004 by Arjan Knor, Robert de Vries, Roman Hodek, Andreas
Schwab, Petr Stehlik

Kernel command line: root=/dev/ram video=atafb:vga16 console=tty
load_ramdisk=1 fb=false BOOT_IMAGE=c:\linux\vmlinuz
CPU: 68060; FPU: 68060
Model: Falcon
TT-RAM: 510.51050 MB at 0x01000000
ST-RAM: 14 MB at 0x00000000
Total: 524.52450 MB

Decompressing c:\linux\vmlinuz
- 2711552 gunzip    - 1407533 file

| 2775312 file

Bootstrap's bootinfo version: 2.1
Kernel's bootinfo version   : 2.1
ramdisk src at 0x130fbc, size is 2775312
ramdisk dest is 0x20bda6f0 ... 0x20e7ffff
Kernel segment 0 at 0x1000, size 2796276
Kernel segment 1 at 0x2ac000, size 122880
boot_info is at 0x2ca000

Type a key to continue the Linux boot...
Booting Linux...

And a while after this, it reboots?

I'll check your data against my boot results. I hope we'll get there yet ...

Do you have a nullmodem serial cable to attach the Falcon to another computer, and capture kernel debug output there?



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