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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push

>> O.K. Copied everything to harddisc. What happened then is that after I
>> started bootstra.prg from partition c:\ (GEMDOS) with MiNT the computer
>> just freezed. When I started from partition c:\ with TOS the computer
>> reboots (coldboot).
> NVDI included, or not?

Without NVDI, just plain TOS but I guess you found the solution (see below).

> I just remembered something else that may be important - after the first
> unsuccesful boot attempt from HD, I renamed bootstrap.prg to
> bootstrap.tos. This appears to have some effect on how TOS handles the
> bootstrap, because reading the kernel image from disk and decompressing
> it happens a lot less fast than it does when using bootstrap.prg as name
> for the binary.

And that did the trick. I renamed it to bootstrap.tos as well and voilà
- Linux boots.

> :-) Understood (that's why I left the kernel image on CD). Could you
> please try that as well?

Well, I guess that is not necessary because Linux now boots.

The installation procedure run beyond the point where you had to enter
the country you live in, the keyboard layout, then it recognized my
cd-roms correctly (2 scsi drives connected externally).

Then the screen went blue and nothing else happened.



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