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Re: [patch 3/2] m68k: Atari EtherNAT - add writew_be for data push


> Something seems to be wrong with your CD-ROM drive ... can you try
> inserting the disk only after Linux has booted?

Well, that's what I suppose it the problem for now.

I downloaded the latest iso from stephen's site and regardless of what I
do I now always get the following result:

[!!] Detect and mount CD-ROM

No common CD-ROM drive was detected

You may need to load additional CD-ROM drivers from removable media,
such as a driver floppy. If you have such media available now, insert
it, and continue. Otherwise, you will be given the option to manually
select CD-ROM modules.

Load CD-ROM drivers from removable media?

IIRC last time I tried to install Linux (aeons ago) I haven't been
succesful until I changed the CD-ROM from scsi to ide. This time
unfortunately I cannot do this because both IDE ports are occupied (hard
disk and CF-Card).

So I need to get my external SCSI Yamaha CRW8424S working (btw, with
MiNT everything is running fine, including this drive).

I could even try to install Linux from CF-Card if that is possible in
any way.



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