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Re: etch on aranym, was Re: [buildd] Etch?

> > 2.4.27 was the 2.4.x kernel for Atari at the time when I was playing with that
> > (September 2005). If there is a newer 2.4.x kernel then it should work.
> >From "should work", I take it that no out-of-tree patches are required...
> but which tree should work? Are you referring to mainline, linux-m68k or
> debian kernel?

If I understand the README in Petr's 2.4.27 aranym kernel image tarball
right, you will need to apply one patch, plus drop three new files in the
appropriate places in the kernel tree. I'll definitely try to boot a stock
Debian kernel though, as well as boot a Linus 2.4.33 kernel.

Petr: your warning about disabling swap because of stram swap problems
perhaps isnt necessary anymore. stram_swap=0 in the boot options already
disables the use of stram for swapping (no trace of stram in /proc/swaps).


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