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Re: [buildd] Etch?

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

> Getting Debian/68k to run on ColdFire _will_ solve many problems. It 
> will not magically fix the toolchain, that much is clear; however, it 
> will get us hardware that is much beefier than what we have now, and 
> this is much needed:
> * We had a buildd park of 12 machines, last I checked; if more than a 
>   few of those go down, we start lagging behind again. Due to the age of 
>   much of our machines, this happens more often than is the case for, 
>   say, amd64. Getting newer and more powerful hardware will mean that we 
>   will not have broken hardware as often, and that we may have more 
>   surplus capacity than we do now. While we can just add new buildd 
>   machines now, too, this isn't the most ideal solution, since adding a 
>   new buildd host increases the load on buildd maintainers fairly 
>   importantly; the cost/benefit ratio is much better on ColdFire.
> * If major updates are in order for large sets of packages, wanna-build 
>   will queue them in semi-random order, which isn't the most efficient.  
>   Since the core libraries take some time to build, the mess remains for 
>   a while. It takes quite a bit of work to fix such a mess; if those 
>   core libraries are built faster, then the mess is smaller and the 
>   number of failed packages and packages in dep-wait will be much, 
>   _much_ smaller.

What's the status of etch on aranym?


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