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Re: [buildd] Etch?


On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

> I don't know what everyone else thinks about it here, but it would
> appear to me that making it in time for Etch is not going to happen
> anymore now.
> * Too many compiler bugs

I started looking into this, until recently I didn't know about the m68k 
usertag, which really helps a lot.
I'm afraid that some bugs in the toolchain cause other problems, which are 
not immediately visible, but make it hard to track down the real problem.
E.g. I'm checking the libgmp problem and with the latest updates it 
doesn't even link anymore, I massively downgraded now gcc/binutils/glibc, 
so I can get to the failing test case, which seems to be a problem during 
exception handling. It's weird that this goes away with -O0, so maybe it 
only hides the problem and causes other problems. I need to go through 
some of the fixed bugs, which were "fixed" by using different compiler 

> I'm a bit pessimistic about the future of our port currently. What are
> everyone else's thoughts on this?
> Should we just accept that we're not going to make it, or am I being too
> quick to forget about it here?

Well, I guess we have to accept that it won't be fixed shortly, but we 
shouldn't give up completely. :)
The problem is that we don't have enough people, who can deal with the 
toolchain problems and that they are rather time consuming doesn't make it 
I'll try to spend some time chasing bugs. As I can't follow the bug flow 
all the time, it would be very important to easily find the current 
problems, but also problems which where "fixed" via workarounds. Good bug 
management is really important, so anyone can quickly get an overview of 
the problems.

bye, Roman

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