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Re: etch on aranym, was Re: [buildd] Etch?

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> > > >From "should work", I take it that no out-of-tree patches are 
> > > >required...
> that is correct - no ARAnyM specific patches are required for booting 
> Atari kernel on ARAnyM. But if you add one small patch you get real 
> power-off and also ethernet networking.

Good to know.

> BTW, there is a lot of other things that could be added by patching the 
> linux kernel - one of them is direct access to host drives or 
> filesystems (which would greatly speed things up since the emulated IDE 
> is PITA), the other is direct access to (acceelerated) host graphics 
> (which again would greatly speed the system since emulating VIDEL 
> bitplanes is another great PITA) but I won't bother with that when 
> stability is not solved yet.
> > > but which tree should work? Are you referring to mainline, 
> > > linux-m68k or debian kernel?
> See above. An Atari kernel. Or m68k kernel with Atari support. MC68040, 
> VIDEL bitplane graphics... Does mainline contain all Atari related 
> patches already? I've been waiting ages for that (since 0.9pl3? ;-) and 
> IIRC the vanilla always lacked a few bits here or there...

I think the mainline 2.4 tree is closed (other than for regressions). But 
it would be great if your ethernet/poweroff work could be merged into the 
linux-m68k 2.4 tree.


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