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Re: etch on aranym, was Re: [buildd] Etch?

Finn Thain wrote:

In the following message (Feb 2006) I explain how weird it behaves:

That thread didn't seem to generate much sympathy... the aranym devs probably need a workload that consistently triggers the bug? Is it difficult to reproduce the bug?

It's kinda random. I have just ran the upgrade from sarge to etch and at one point the installation failed. When I was inspecting why I found out that one file deep in perl setup had the first character changed from '#' to 's' so it looked as follows:


I edited that file using 'vi' and replaced the 's' with '#', saved and the installation continued normally.

So let's say that either CPU cannot unpack file properly (under some conditions, perhaps related to MMU) or that the disk can damage files when storing (again under some special conditions). And it's completely random so it's triggered by some interrupt, most probably. And it does not happen under other operating systems otherwise users would already report that.

In that thread you have a link to aranym-linux-kernel-2.4.27-12.tar.gz. Is the latest kernel not working on aranym?

2.4.27 was the 2.4.x kernel for Atari at the time when I was playing with that (September 2005). If there is a newer 2.4.x kernel then it should work. 2.6.x kernels don't boot on Atari, AFAIK.


P.S. I CC:ed also aranym list since this is an aranym-specific issue. Further discussion should continue there, I think.

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