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Re: etch on aranym, was Re: [buildd] Etch?

Michael Schmitz wrote:
2.4.27 was the 2.4.x kernel for Atari at the time when I was playing with that
(September 2005). If there is a newer 2.4.x kernel then it should work.

>From "should work", I take it that no out-of-tree patches are required...

that is correct - no ARAnyM specific patches are required for booting Atari kernel on ARAnyM. But if you add one small patch you get real power-off and also ethernet networking.

BTW, there is a lot of other things that could be added by patching the linux kernel - one of them is direct access to host drives or filesystems (which would greatly speed things up since the emulated IDE is PITA), the other is direct access to (acceelerated) host graphics (which again would greatly speed the system since emulating VIDEL bitplanes is another great PITA) but I won't bother with that when stability is not solved yet.

but which tree should work? Are you referring to mainline, linux-m68k or
debian kernel?

See above. An Atari kernel. Or m68k kernel with Atari support. MC68040, VIDEL bitplane graphics... Does mainline contain all Atari related patches already? I've been waiting ages for that (since 0.9pl3? ;-) and IIRC the vanilla always lacked a few bits here or there...

Petr: your warning about disabling swap because of stram swap problems
perhaps isnt necessary anymore. stram_swap=0 in the boot options already
disables the use of stram for swapping (no trace of stram in /proc/swaps).

That is true, I also realized it yesterday night when running second test. Wiki has been corrected. Thanks.


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