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Re: Some annoying problems with ATi Radeon 7200!

Michel Dänzer wrote:
(II) RADEON(0): Will use 2752 kb for textures at offset 0x1d50000

That's very little indeed.

How can it be so little while having 32MB of videoRAM?

Why do almost all other GL apps work fine, even Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the Quake 3 Arena demo? I guess they need a lot more texture memory.

Use a lower virtual resolution or depth, or buy a card with more RAM. ;)

I have 32MB! That should be enough... (I'm doing all this on a Radeon 32MB SDR.)

Still, that's to be expected at 1600x1200x32. You can try Option "NoBackBuffer",
but I doubt you'll like it. Another possibility would be running another server
at a lower resolution, with Option "DRIReinit" you can run several servers with
DRI enabled.

All that to play Tuxracer? I don't believe this is the problem... And it doesn't explain the 'shocky' behaviour of that game.

By the way, I managed to let X hang a couple of times using 3D apps:
1) I ran the molecule3D demo of xscreensaver in the root window, then I moved my 'workspace' clip of WindowMaker to the left and it hung 2) I played CannonSmash, a table tennis simulation game, and in the middle of a game it hung (the X server i.e.).

Hanging X servers are really annoying, by the way... You have to reboot! (Keyboard locked...)

[radeon man pages]
Is the original author not finishing it then?

Haven't heard from him since then. Do you want to try and contact him?

Sure, why not? :-)

I will, but please tell me when a new one is available, since apt-get update; apt-get upgrade now installs that 11-06 package that breaks my 3D, as I reported here. (I don't want to downgrade after every upgrade, so I disabled that deb line...)

You can put it on hold to avoid getting a version that breaks for you.

OK, I put
xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk                       hold

Grtjs, Manuel

PS: MSX FOR EVER! (Questions? http://faq.msxnet.org/ )
PPS: Visit my homepage at http://manuel.msxnet.org/

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