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Some annoying problems with ATi Radeon 7200!


Since I bought my computer and installed Debian, I have been experiencing some weird problems in X... I hope this is the right mailinglist to post this to.... I hoped XFree86 4.2.1 would solve some of them, but my hope was in vain: nothing changed after upgrading my 4.1.0 to 4.2.1 yesterday.

I'm running testing (always upgraded to the newest packages). I have an Athlon XP 1600+ with VIA K7T266 Pro 2 mainboard and an ATI Radeon SDR 32MB AGP videocard (I think that is now called the Radeon 7200). I'm running X at 1600x1200x32@85Hz. My XFree86-4 is config'ed with debconf (except that I removed the Use FBdev stuff that is put there by default).
The kernel is 2.4.19.

Problem 1:
Whenever there is 'movement'/'action' on the screen (e.g. an openGL demo from xscreensaver, an animation in Mozilla or a scrolling window) and the cursor is on a screenline where such action is taking place, the right side of the screen (only *right* from the cursor, about 600 pixels to the right, i.e.) shows sort of 'ghost images': parts of the moving parts *left* of the cursor are shown on the right side (shifted to the right about 510 pixels), flickering (there seem to be chunks of 32 pixels in that flickering area), but only around the Y position of the cursor (in vertical direction the flickering stuff is having a height of about 64 pixels). When the screen action stops, the effect is gone (I can't take a screenshot of it...)
Changing the screen resolution doesn't affect the problem.

Does anyone have an idea what's going on and how I can stop it? It's really annoying!

Problem 2:
This is regarding 3D. The 3D acceleration seems to work fine, but there are minor problems: - TuxRacer: Tux looks white! Something is wrong with the colors of the Tux character in this game, only the shadows on the poor penguin's body is shown. I have seen it work perfectly on other computers (with some nvidia card). - Armagetron: when more than 3 players are in the game, the 'motor bikes' get partly invisible; something goes wrong with the textures. When leaving the program, I can see lots of these messages from stdout/stderr:
radeonUploadTexImages: ran into bound texture
and in my syslog I get:
Nov 4 20:19:37 goemon kernel: [drm:radeon_freelist_get] *ERROR* returning NULL!
Nov  4 20:20:08 goemon last message repeated 492 times
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein: the program seems to work fine, although the framerate is quite low. However, after a short while things go wrong: bitmaps seem to get corrupted. E.g. the 'health percentage' numbers flicker and when I look at the notebook, it flickers and shows wrong bitmaps and such. Huge corruption. Also in the game menu this occurs and in the game 'world' itself, only the sky flickers sometimes. The fonts in general flicker too, showing wrong bitmaps. In other words: many, many glitches. Also here, I get this in the term I started the game in:
radeonUploadTexImages: ran into bound texture

Seems there is something going wrong, but what?

Problem 3:
This is not really a problem, but I'd like to report it anyway. As I said above, I had to remove the UseFBDev option from my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. I also tried to keep it in and load the radeonfb module, but that gave some problems:
- the colors where all wrong in X
- in textmode the 'image' was shifted to the left, off the monitor's screen (without the fb it fits nicely) - I tried Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but the switch to full screen went wrong and the intro demo started to play on my X desktop background (on a lower resolution)....
Because of this, I quickly disabled the FB stuff...
So, it's not really a problem, unless you really want to use the fb! I guess it should work, though!

So, I hope I have described my problems clearly enough. I think I'd better not put my config- and log files here, but in case you need them to help me: please ask me! I will send you anything you need. :-) Also, if you have suggestions what a better place for these questions would be: please let me know. (Maybe file a bug report somewhere?)

- please Cc: any reactions to manuel@msxnet.org, since I'm not subscribed to this mailing list.
- thanks to everyone in advance for any help!
- thanks to Branden and all the others for their great work on the X packages!

Best regards,

Manuel Bilderbeek

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