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Re: Project for someone with time and will: website update

On Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 14:22:30 +0100, Lesley Binks wrote:

> > ??Let me try again.
> I find that an incredibly condescending thing to say.

  I'm sorry you feel that way, I was attempting to clarify
 my comment in a more explicit fashion.  "Try again" because
 I clearly failed to convey my intended message, not because
 I believed you were incapable of understanding me.

  Either way I'm sorry that it sounded condescending to
 yourself or anybody else .

> > ??Over the past few *years* the Debian Women
> > ??project has stagnated; with few additional women joining the
> > ??project.

> I can't comment on why the Debian Women project has stagnated
> in the past few years.  I can suggest various reasons why that has
> occurred.

  Reasons aside I think it is clear, and regrettable, that it
 has.  Hopefully that will change.

> So the adoption of a clear anti-harrassment policy at conferences
> is nothing of note?  The restarting of the d-w mentoring scheme,
> the continuing progression of some female contributors to DM
> reflects no activity?
> Perhaps you think the project isn't doing anything because
> you don't see it.

  I'll refer you back to previous messages where it is apparent
 that things are starting to pick up again after a lengthy

  Some things have happened, momentum was lost, and only now
 is this list active again (for example.)

> I would be very surprised if people who are involved in the Debian
> project *don't* mention it on their CVs in some way. A portfolio is
> external proof of ability and that may be useful.  I fail to see why
> portfolio building should not be important to both women and men.

  Indeed.  But there is a difference between:

    * I would like to help make the site.
      (PS. I will add it to my portfolio.)

    * I want a nice portfolio.
      (PS.  How can I help get claim this project?)

  The initial messages were of the first form, your presentation
 gave the idea your motivation was more in the direction of the
 second form.

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