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Re: Project for someone with time and will: website update

On Thu Apr 28, 2011 at 19:02:16 +0100, Lesley Binks wrote:

> However, as one of the many females in the group who has the skill required
> to build a site from scratch and the skill to figure out what I need
> to know to get a web based project done, I can't begin to express
> how strongly I am opposed to any idea of a man taking on our website.

  To break this down:

    * There are many *people* both male and female who are capable
      of updating, maintaining, or creating the Debian Women website.

    * Over the past few months things have stagnated.

    * If momentum is to be re-create then something needs to change,
      and part of that requires finding people to volunteer for
      various tasks.

  If the maintainer, updater, or creator of the site, or any project
 has the time, the skill, and the willingness to take over a job
 *which is currently being neglected* then disregarding that offer
 on the basis of gender is almost exactly the wrong way that a project
 designed to be inclusive, friendly, and encouraging of people should
 be managed.

  I almost don't want to reply here, but I suspect that I'm not
 alone.  If I am then so be it, but so far you've had no replies
 (unless I'm behind a slow line again.  meh.)

> Why should we make it harder on ourselves just so some bloke(!) can
> get the kudos of having built a website for part of the Debian project?

  Words.  Fail.  Me.


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