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Project for someone with time and will: website update


Another project that needs people to take care of is updating the
website.  As Francisca already said in another mail, our website is
currently very outdated regarding how it looks, and most of our
profiles are also very outdated.

On IRC it was mentioned that it might be a good idea to migrate to
ikiwiki, using the new Debian website design, as dsa.debian.org does.
However, since we don't want any nasty people messing with the site,
we'd like to have alioth authentication in order to edit it.  This
means it's not a totally trivial setup, and will require some work.

I'm guessing Francisca will probably be interested in working on this,
since she's been working in the main Debian website for a while, but
it's really a lot of work and she could probably use some help from
others... Any takers for this one?


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